Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony

Wedding is the most auspicious and important occasion in a person’s life which commemorates the mark of a new journey. This is the time when two indivuals, come together and vow to spend their lives together, as equals. Every religion has laid down a set of rules and tradition, according to which a marriage is supposed to begin and culminate. Christian Matrimony takes place in a Church. The house of God is spectacularly decorated with ambers of beautiful adornments, to celebrate the Marriage Ceremony held within it. Wedding in a Church is contingent upon the different sect to which the bride and groom belong. For example, a Marriage between roman catholics is slightly different as compared to marriage between protestants.

Christian Marriage Ceremony Christian Marriage in a Church begins with the bride and groom, standing in front of the Priest, appealing to the Lord Jesus Christ, to bless upon their marriage. In Christian Matrimony, rings are exchanged and vows are read to each other, following with the Priest deems them husband and wife. During the Marriage Ceremony, the couple take their vows and consequently bound their lives together by agreeing, “To take each other, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart.”
Rituals in Christian Marriage Ceremony Prior to the Marriage Ceremony, the priest sits with the bride and groom, and discusses with them about the procedures and rituals that will be followed in the Church. For this purpose, the priest reads Scriptures from Bible, pertaining to marriage to enlighten the couple about its true meaning. In Christian Marriage Ceremony, the parents of the couple are always seated on the front, as a sign to discern their importance at the wedding. The groom always enters first in the Church. In a Christian Marriage ritual, the father of the bride brings her to the altar, and gives her hand to the groom. A brief reading from the Bible takes place, following which vows and rings are exchanged.
Legal Documents required for Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony Every Wedding needs to have the stamp of governmental approval, without which the marriage would stand void. In a Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony a copy of identity cards of both the bride and groom, copy of their baptism certificate, a copy of their birth certificates along with certificate of faith issued by the local government in the country of origin needs to be submitted.These documents need to have a validity of six months or more.
In conclusion, Weddings in Church are always pre booked and the date and time for the same is allotted by the priest of the Church, in accordance with availability and space of the Church. Church Wedding, in all its glory and grandeur, is the most wonderful experience in the lives of two individuals, who wish to enter the conjugal journey

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Best Features of a Successful Matrimonial Website…

The sheer reach and convenience of Internet has shrunk the world and brought the reach of everything to one’s finger tips. The access has enabled the evolution of a number of online businesses and one such business is online matrimony. It is one of the online businesses, where the tradition is linked with technology. The increased use of online matrimonial portals is attributed to literal collapsing of conventional family networks, frequent professional movement among the younger generation and the prolific penetration of the Internet.

Though a number of matrimonial websites have mushroomed using dotcom boom and the growth of online banking, only a limited number of them continued to thrive and grow. It is essential to understand what makes such websites successful.

Easy Registration Process

The easy registration process to complete the registration in one go without arduous back tracking is one aspect that attracts increased number of visitors.

User friendly interface:

Users prefer websites that offer user friendly and smooth interface to wade through various options.

Increased choice of profiles:

The ultimate idea of any matrimonial website user is to find their soul mate easily and quickly. The availability of increased number of profiles in every category enables the user such quick option.

Classification of Profiles:

Classification of profiles under appropriate categories such as community, caste, age profession and personal preferences enables a registered user to narrow down his or her options to find their life partner easily.

Level of security:

A successful matrimonial website always cares for the privacy of the registrants. The security options such as photo and profile protection, access permission etc increases the confidence of the registered users.

Profile Matching facilities:

As a facility matrimonial websites have installed horoscope or Horoscope matching software to meet the requirement of the conventional alliance seekers. This feature enables such traditional users and others to narrow down their choice of selection.

Success Stories:

The success of a matrimonial website is often gauged by the number of marriages concluded using the website. The portals encourage such married couples to post their marriage success stories in the website. Such posted stories increase the credibility of a matrimonial website.

Use of other Promotional Vehicles

A majority of the online matrimonial companies make promotions only to increase the database of their registered users. Only a very few companies use their other promotional vehicles such as TV, Magazine and Ground Events to promote the profiles of the users

Essential Marriage secrets a Mother should share with her Daughter

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Regardless of how educated she is, a mother is the best teacher for a girl. As she has experienced a similar stage way back, she is the best one who can drop a pearl of shrewdness in your lap when you are going to begin another period of life. Here are some secrets that only a mother can share with her daughter.

  1. Love is not a thing to be Tested

Love is about friendship and necessities a sort of faith. Daughters ought to be taught that she shouldn’t perform tests on her partner’s affection. Love should be decorated with trust. Trust building can take time but daughters should keep patience and make love flow.

  1. Keep Proper Space

Initially every relation needs some space. When two people meet, they have different ethics and different needs and desires. Mothers should share their own experiences and reveal that the secret of a happy married life is walking together but with having a proper individuality. Giving time to everyone but maintaining individuality is the art of a happy married life. This can be done by carrying on with the hobbies and finding happiness in small little things

  1. Togetherness is the Secret for Happiness

Each mother should to show her girl that glow and togetherness in a family is the greatest satisfaction. In the event that it is a joint family, the life partner’s parents should be treated as own parents, daughters should make a bond with one and all. Despite the fact that, this is the most troublesome part for a newly married girl but once accepted, it proves to be a great asset for a strong relationship.

4. Adjustment – A Key for a Healthy Relationship

The top secret for a  successful life is when a girl needs to adjust but not at all on the cost of self-esteem. Being educated today, girls think that they are not made to adjust but the truth is an adjustment is another name for love and respect, but only a mother can teach their daughter about adjusting and she can share her experience and show how effective it is. Little adjustments from both the side can make your relations do wonders.

5. Forgiveness and Acceptance

To run a smooth life, wheels of Forgiveness and Acceptance have a major role. Daughters should forgive the ones who commit mistakes and learn to have a big heart. Also, if she herself makes mistakes, she should have the art of acceptance and the ethics to apologize and rectify her mistakes. These two things are magical, they can heal any wound.

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Adjusting Marriage and Job Well Can be the Key to a Happy Married Life


Post marriage, all working couples should keep in mind that you might be in a 9 to 5 job or maybe working for longer hours, but if you want to make your marriage work, you have to work toward it round the clock. Your life partner cannot be taken for granted, it is a challenge to make him/her feel special always and you have to strive toward achieving that.

Today, several married professionals join the rat race for earning more and end up devoting a lot of time to their work. What they forget is that they have to keep the charm alive in their marriage and not let it wear out and wither away. If both of you are married and working, make sure that you are not neglecting each other. It sometimes gets difficult to manage work, household chores, children, and spend quality time with your life partner, but remember that he/she is your life partner and deserves love and attention.

Do not let monotony set in your married life. Create new common interests, cut down on watching television instead spend that time talking to your partner, send at the least one ‘I love you’ SMS’ to your partner when he/she is at their workplace, do not forget to kiss each other goodnight, and never hesitate from discussing work and professional issues with your spouse. You may just find a friend in your partner who can help you in resolving certain issues related to your work.

It does not matter whether you have selected a working life partner, or have come across your working partner on some online matrimony site, or a working partner was selected for you by your parents; what matters is, you should have the determination to handle work and marriage, so that marriage does not suffer for your work. Make your spouse feel that he/she is in your mind and not forgotten. After all, family is important and it should be your first priority. Always remember, you are married to your partner and not to your job.

Do you think you will be able to balance your work life with your married life? If yes, let us know how you plan to do it.

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