10 Things To Do For Wedding Planner……..

Most of us dream about the perfect wedding and the key to the perfect wedding is an amazing wedding planner. In order to make things easier for you, we have listed down a few things one should keep in mind while choosing a wedding planner.
What you are really looking for is if they have experience with the various aspects that you want. For e.g.- Have they done a wedding with a similar venue? Have they previously done the things you want in your wedding? Have they done a wedding as big or as small as yours?
If they have done a wedding at the same venue, it’s bonus points 🙂
You would probably want to figure out if they will be up to the level of attentiveness that you expect.
How many meetings will you have? What will they handle and what do you have to handle? Will they be present on your wedding day or another member of their team?
This will give you an idea of the help you want to receive and what this wedding planner will offer.
Get to the bottom of where all your vendors will come from with this planner.
Do you find them or does your wedding planning have some alliances? Do they get any special discounts?
This will help you to determine the right vendor for the job. Make sure you get the best vendors you want and not just the ones they recommend. A good follow up question would be “Can we pick a vendor you have not worked with before?”
If you are selecting a package or signing a contract you will want to see where all the money is going. Ask for a line-item breakdown of expenses. This way you can see if they want to hire an expensive vendor. This gives you a better way to negotiate on prices.
People will come from various places for your wedding. Your wedding planner should help you make a plan on how to handle parking, shuttles, hotels, etc…
This will especially be helpful if you are having your wedding in India and inviting foreign guests. They often need help learning Indian wedding traditions and getting to and from events. They may also need other special considerations.
You will always need backup plans. A good planner will help you make bulletproof plans for you. If you are having an outdoor wedding you will need an indoor alternative in case of bad weather.
You will also need a wedding planner backup plan. Ask your planner what happens if they can not make it on the day of your wedding due to an emergency.
Most planners have their portfolio online now. In case they don’t you will want to ask to see their work.
Make sure it’s what you are looking for in your own wedding. See for yourself if this planner has put on high quality weddings in the past. You don’t want to be surprised.
Some wedding planners do only that. Plan. But if you need them to design the wedding and plan it you will want to ask that up front. Usually, the better wedding planners do both design and coordinate the whole wedding.
If you have an idea of how you want your wedding designed ask them what they think. See if they have ideas on how to execute. If they offer nothing you might want to look somewhere else. You want somebody who will be helpful.
You will be spending a lot of time with your planner and taking their advice. If you like them and trust them it will make everything easier.
In conclusion, talk about these things with your wedding planner early. It will be a good start on a path to one of the best days of your life.
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